Division of Land Records/GIS

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Welcome to the Ada County Assessor's Division of Land Records/GIS site. This site was created in order to assist the public with locating information about property within Ada County. The Ada County Assessor's Office is dedicated to GIS Services in order to better serve the public.

What Online Services Do We Provide?

Currently we provide property information, access to Records of Survey, Subdivision Plats, and Interactive Maps.

Our image document server provides access to Records of Survey, Subdivision Plats, and Section Maps. It requires a client application called Maxview to be installed on your windows based computer. Please read our documentation for further assistance using this service.

Our online maps allow you to interact with our GIS data. Currently our maps include parcel boundaries, streets, hydrography, section boundaries, city limits, parks, and schools.

Contact Us

We value your feedback. Please direct any comments or complaints you may have to our contact page. Feedback provides us the opportunity to improve the quality of this site and at the same time a better experience for our users. You can contact us here.