Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find owner names on the website?

For privacy reasons, owner names are not searchable on the website. Primary owners for each parcel can be found on the parcel details tab.

Where can I obtain a legal description?

Legal descriptions will be provided upon request. Please contact our office at the address provided via the "Contact Us" Link below.

How current is your data?

Barring any server problems or outages changes made to the data and maps are updated nightly. However, recorded documents are not worked in real time. It can be several business days before a recorded document is reflected.

Why do you allow searches for property based on years in the future?

Our property tax system separates parcels based on year. A parcel existing in the prior year may have completely different valuation, characteristics and general information than the same parcel in the current year. Furthermore, new parcels created are placed into the next year. So for example, if the current year is 2019, newly created parcels are placed into the year 2020. Also these new parcels will not have any parcel valuation history or valuation break down. The reason for this is that these values have not been finalized.

Why do new houses show an assessed value lower than the current market value?

During the first year of occupancy, homes are assessed on a pro-rated basis for the time of occupancy during the first year. In the year following first occupancy, and thereafter, properties are assessed at market value (generally within 10% of selling price). Idaho Code requires the Assessor to value properties as of January 1st each year. In times of escalating sale prices, a January 1st value may be less than what a property would currently sell for.